Industrial Skylights Repairs

Looking for a quality Industrial Skylights Repairs for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

Defective and ageing roof lights can often be the cause of roof leaks or insufficient light levels.

 Industrial Skylights Repairs in Cardiff, Wales

Skylights Repairs

We have many years experience repairing all types of roof lights with up to date systems.

These include single skin and factory assembled insulated GRP roof lights (FAIRS), GRP and polycarbonate domes and multi-wall polycarbonate glazing systems.

Rooflights become discoloured over time from exposure to ultra violet radiation.

This discolouration can be mistaken for dirt, but often attempts to clean them has no effect as the discolouring is a result of fibres within the GRP changing colour.

Sometimes a roof may have twin skin roof lights, an internal and external layer. Sometimes the problem may only be within the top sheet allowing us to simply replace with new or both may require replacement.

Ageing skylights can become problematic, whether it’s leaking fixings, cracks in the fibreglass or other related problems. However, we are able to effectively prolong their serviceable life with expert repairs using specialised products.