Gutter Lining

Looking for a quality Gutter Lining for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

We never compromise on service and quality, we are experts in working with old steel, asbestos, and concrete gutters.

Gutter Lining - Fall Protection Cardiff

Gutter Lining

Our liquid plastic lining systems create a totally sealed, fully waterproof solution to failed or corroded gutters.
These liquid systems such as Sika’s Decothane 618, adhere directly to the surface of the gutter preventing further corrosion and strengthening the gutter as a whole. Fibreglass matting is used to strengthen the liner while maintaining the flexibility of the material.

The advantages a system like Sika liquid plastics has over rubberised alternatives such as Plygene, is it’s high UV resistance, it’s flexibility allowing for gutter thermal movement and most importantly its doesn’t reduce the volume of the gutter as substantially as rubber liners.

These systems can be installed to fit any gutter profile, and the primers or adhesives used allow them to be installed on metal, asbestos and concrete guttering.

A number of factors will determine which systems best suit your guttering needs; installation limitations, budget, length of guarantee required, H&S requirements (e.g. no hot works), to discuss options or to arrange a free quote.

All our workmanship is fully guaranteed, cost effective and with no internal access required allowing minimal disruption to business operations.