Roof Walkways

Looking for a quality Roof Walkways for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

Our walkways are available with aluminium, galvanised steel, fibreglass and anti-slip finishes. They can also be installed in conjunction with either fixed rails or a safety line system.

Cardiff Roof Walkways

Roof Walkways

Fall Protection Cardiff supply and install modular and bespoke roof walkways to flat and pitched roofs of any configuration. With compatible stepped walkways and ladders, a roof walkway can give unrestricted and most importantly, safe access over an entire roof structure.

Roof safety walkways can be specified at the design stage of a new roof or building or retro-fitted to an existing roof regardless of roofing material. Our roof walkways can even be fitted to fragile asbestos cement roofs along the valley gutter line or across the roof sheets.

Having new plant installed or need access for maintenance to existing plant?

Roof walkways are the ideal method of access to and around plant machinery for maintenance, repairs and new installations.

A hatch and walkway enable technicians to work on roof mounted plant without needing specialist training and equipment.