Roof Surveys and Inspections

Looking for a quality Roof Surveys and Inspections for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

It’s often that a problem with a roof isn’t dealt with or discovered until it deteriorates and causes disruption to your business, costing thousands in repairs, lost business hours and inconvenience.

Roof Surveys and Inspections

Roof Surveys and Inspections

Annual and bi-annual inspections keep you aware of the inevitable changing in the condition of your roof and make it possible to plan ahead for works and budget accordingly.

A roof inspection can identify problem areas before they cause major disruption and major costs, from age-related issues like cut edge corrosion and failing flashings to storm damage and even pests like mortar bees.

For example, cut edge corrosion and delamination of metal roof sheets will occur on a roof in time. Catching this early greatly extends the roof life as corrosion can be treated and halted with specialist products.

Roof surveys and inspections allow a prioritised schedule of works to be drawn up, if need be, and budgeted accordingly. So you aren’t hit with unexpected and unwelcome roofing costs.

If you are experiencing multiple leaks, or find that as one is fixed another appears, it’s a good idea to have your roof professionally inspected. Issues like flashing adhesives failing/gutters leaking/flat roof