Guardrail Maintenance and Testing

Looking for a quality Guardrail Maintenance and Testing for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

All Guardrails installed by Fall Protection Cardiff are tagged with their own identification number and logged on our system.

Meaning we can ensure your 12 monthly re-certification dates are booked in and organised, so you do not have to worry about keeping track.

Guardrail Maintenance and Testing in Cardiff, Wales

Guardrail Maintenance and Testing

We also provide testing, maintenance and inspection for Guardrails already in situ, whether they are fixed, freestanding or collapsible. Our specialist teams will inspect your system then issue a certificate of inspection.

Though guardrails are hardy edge protection solutions, they can be damaged during bad weather such as high winds and snow. Joints can become displaced, or fixings dislodged, in these cases, we will detail any defects found and make recommendations for works.