Thermal and Electronic Leak Detection

Looking for a quality Thermal and Electronic Leak Detection for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

We offer unbiased and non-destructive Electronic Leak and Integrity Testing for Flat Roofs and Waterproof Membranes.

Thermal and Electronic Leak Detection

Our specialist equipment can be used in both wet and dry conditions, so we aren’t at the mercy of the weather.
Flat roof defects can be very difficult to source by eye, even when causing a leak. The slightest pin hole in a waterproof membrane allows water ingress.

Our methods for leak detection allow us to find defects even before they become leaks. Being able to pinpoint the weak spots not easily visible by eye, means targeted repairs can be made instead of having to replace large sections or even re-roof.

Leak detection on pitched roofs requires more experience and expertise along aside thermal imaging equipment. Our specialists have years of experience with pitched roof leaks, and how to source their point of origin.

The complications of purlins, roof structure, fixings, etc… causing water to track in different directions makes leak detection a tougher job, requiring the very best of our tradesmen.