Safety Eye Bolts Solutions

Looking for a quality Safety Eye Bolts Solutions for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

Fall Protection Cardiff can install permanent eyebolts across a roof structure enabling rope access trained technicians to gain safe access across a roof structure. These can also be used as abseiling points for access to building facades.

Cardiff Safety Eye Bolts Solutions

Safety Eye Bolts Solutions

In addition to permanent eyebolt, we also offer removable bolts. These are ideal for where it is important not to alter the appearance the building for any length of time. Temporary eye bolts can be removed while their fittings remain in place and can be hidden with coverings to match the appearance of the surrounding building material, such as sandstone in a listed Cotswold building.

Abseiling points need 6 monthly testing, while other types of eyebolts require annual testing. Each eyebolt is tagged and has a unique identification number which once logged in our system enables us to keep track of re-certification dates for you.

Our system will automatically remind you when re-testing dates are coming up and we can book a visit with minimal disruption to you.

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