Industrial Skylights Installation

Looking for a quality Industrial Skylights Installation for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

We install and replace roof lights on commercial and industrial properties.

Industrial Skylights Installation in Cardiff, Wales

Skylights Installation

We can install or replace any type of roof light on pitched or flat roofs, Including: GRP, PVC, polycarbonate single skin and insulated roof lights, etc…

Roof lights are generally replaced for two reasons either they have become discoloured and tinted or they have cracked due to having become brittle.

On both commercial and residential property a roof light can benefit a building in a number of ways, primarily they increase the volume of natural light let into a workspace or living environment, and can enhance the internal appearance which makes for a better working or living space.

The environment also benefits as there is less need for artificial lighting cutting electricity bills and the strain on natural resources.

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