Eye Bolts Maintenance & Testing

Looking for a quality Eye Bolts Maintenance & Testing for your next project in Cardiff, Wales?

Fall Protection Cardiff install, maintain and inspect safety eyebolts, fixtures and fittings.

Cardiff, Wales Eye Bolts Maintenance & Testing

Eye Bolts Maintenance & Testing

Eyebolts require 12 monthly inspections and testing using a pull tester, these are not to be confused with Abseil Points which must be tested and re-certified every 6 months.

Our teams clearly tag each system they test, with its own identification number and re-certification date. This information is also logged in our scheduling software, from which we can send you reminders of your upcoming re-certification dates at chosen intervals.

Our testing and maintenance service includes as standard:

  • Clear tagging of any systems tested
  • Report of any defects found
  • Re-certification certificate
  • Automatic updates/reminders of your re-certification date
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